Christine de Pizan Writing in Her Study

10:29 PM

Unknown, Christine de Pizan Writing in Her Study, 1344

Isolated in her room, Christine writes literally a cut away from others. The first Eurpoean woman deemed a ‘professional’ writer, Christine remains in a league by herself throughout her lifetime. Regal blue robes and a gold tablecloth create in Christine’s study a sense of importance and ornateness. The study by itself, alone and surrounded by designs and patterns, swallows Christine in decoration, making her gown and table the least decorative, but most eyecatching, parts of the composition.

One of the earliest versions of a feminist, Christine’s blue robes create cause for connection between Christine, Madonna, and all women. Perhaps based on her early need to provide for her three children, Christine became self-sufficent and self-reliant from need and ability early in her life. Christine sits with her window barricaded, closed away from external worldly turmoil, and open, however to the philosophies and literature explored on the pages of her writing.

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