The Miracle of the Child Attacked and Rescued by Augustine Novello

7:00 AM

Simone Martini, The Miracle of the Child Attacked and Rescued by Augustine Novello, 1328


Simone Martini, an Italian artist from the International Gothic era, paints an uncharacteristic painting of the onslaught of a child. The thing that makes this painting uncharacteristic is that during this time it seems as if there was an unwritten rule that you must paint about Jesus, or perhaps "Madonna and Child." While we will never fully stray away from religion, specifically Catholicism, with this painting we are at least given the opportunity to take a break from Jesus. There's only so much one can take of Madonna's unusual finger length and Jesus' unorthodox mannish face. But I hear practice makes perfect.

This painting makes me feel a sense of hope. The hope I obtain from this painting resides in the miracle. At first glance, to me, the child is already dead. Although I feel as if the great architecture of the building would draw one's attention at the initial sight of this painting, I was first drawn to the child and the blood on the ground. In a logical sense this child has been wounded and most likely will die from a substantial amount of blood loss, that in the painting we see is already beginning to take action. But here Martini assures us to never lose faith. For though the Saint Augustine Novello is dressed in black, a color that corresponds with negativity and, well, death, he has come to save not only the child but also end the despair and grief of the family members. Not only does this give me hope, but also reassurance of second chances because although this child is supposed to be dead by default, God, for some reason has decided to spare his life, and give him a chance at living.

All while giving me wonderful gifts of hope and chance, Martini corrupts my brain by creating such an innocent creature to look as vicious and savage as can be. I just saw this dog on my afternoon run around the neighborhood. It's home is near the local high school. Because of Martini I now have to find a new route.

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