Magnificent Beards: Jesus

7:00 AM

 Bernini, Bust of Jesus,1679
Magnificent Beards

Jesus’ beard is majestic and curly. His long, flowy hair matches and enhances the beard’s affect, it looks like he used curlers and he’s rocking it. It is the iconic Jesus beard. The beard is nicely trimmed and kept, not the unruly type of curly. Bernini really made the beard look realistic.

The fold of the cloth adds to the motion of the bust. The hair and clothing make Jesus look like he is moving or Bernini caught a moment in time. The facial expression is serene and serious. Jesus’ hand is in the iconic position often associated with him and he looks like he is about to bless someone. The bust is much more life-like than most other busts. The clothing really sets it apart. Usually busts are just of the head and maybe shoulders, but this one is more complete; it has an arm and hand. The beard adds to his seriousness. The beard shows that he is a young Jesus because it is short. He was not an old man when he created miracles and was crucified.

Images of Jesus usually portray him without expressive emotion, opting for a more detached feeling. This alludes to Jesus being part divine or existing outside of the human realm. His indifference is often seen as compassion as he performs miracles or saves someone.

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