5 Thoughts of Home and American Psycho

8:00 AM

Susan Morgan, 5 Thoughts of Home, 1987
His text starts with Talking Heads' lyrics, "And as things fell apart Nobody paid much attention,"and Bret Easton Ellis emphasizes anonymity and its consequences. Susan Morgan directly plays on that in her piece. The characters are identical in every way but one - their minds. A simplistic piece, the alert mind of just one human strikes the onlooker, the strong verticals separating, but also grouping the characters. The designs within them are also perfectly similar, much like in the novel, with most characters having most personality traits in common - especially greed.

Patrick Bateman is the same as all the other priveleged, materialistic immoral folks he makes company with, save for the gruesome murders he commits without restraint. He is painfully aware of the hypocracy he thrives within, noting that "individuality [is] no longer an issue... Justice is dead... Reflection is useless, the world is senseless. Evil is its only permanence... Surface, surface, surface..." His bleak awareness is simply expressed in the piece, the small, bright mind the only the other characters, along with a human form lit in his mind, while the others are dark ideas and homes, with a blank background representing the blankness of their "senseless" world.

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