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Wassily Kandinsky, Ludwigskirche in Munich, 1908
Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky, is known as one of the first abstract painters and for his tendency to paint socially unacceptable paintings. With his first few compositions, he chose  government raids as his subject matter, with an apocalyptic theme, which resulted in confiscation and destruction of his work. Kandinsky used passages from Jewish and Christian texts as influence his themes of doom.

His theory of painting was that eat color had a musical characteristic. Looking at each color was like hearing a different chord, which explains his wide use of bright and dull colors. Along with these musical connections, he saw shapes as having mood altering abilities, as circles were calming. Kandinsky was known for his emotional attachments to paintings, one in particular painted by Monet.

Ludwigskirche in Munich depicts of crowds and how lost individuals get within these massive groups.

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