Cornaro Chapel

7:00 AM

Bernini, Cornaro Chapel, 1647-1650

Cornaro Chapel remains the icing on cake of Saint Tersest in Ecstasy.  Bernini constructed the chapel’s interior to reflect his spiritual work.  Unlike other works, Bernini’s chapel delivered him spiritual strength.  Today Cornaro Chapel gives enlightenment to others that have faithful distress. 
The chapel originally became part of a Carmelite convent during the 1600s.  Now open to the public, Bernini’s artistic features enhances the audience appreciation.  The ceilings illustrate clouds of Heaven.  Hibbard pointed out “Bernini read of an actual fire on the stage, of a realistic sunrise, and of a stage flood seeming to threaten the audience” (Hibbard 135).  These precise details enhance the image of God’s power and love.  Hibbard praises the Cornaro Chapel and the strength with which it connects with Christian followers. 

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