Officers and Subalterns of the St. Hadrian Civic Guard Company

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Officers and Subalterns of the St. Hadrian Civic Guard Company, Frans Hals, 1633

Welcome to Version 2.0 of Where's Waldo-- with a twist. Themed during the sixteen hundreds, this time, you're trying to find the unhappy, mustache-less man. (Hint: He's on the left side.) Or if you insist, you can also play Spot the Difference. Also look for the man that doesn't have his head slanted. (Hint: There's actually two.)

Painted by Frans Hals in 1633, Officers and Subalterns of the St. Hadrian Civic Guard Company has  trademark features that screams Frans Hals - the mustaches and suspiciously happy men. Also a characteristic trait of tilted heads. On a second look, one can find that in this painting especially, the vast majority of the happy-go-lucky mustache men have tilted heads as they stare directly at the viewer or giving the fish-eye at fellow company members.

Though his techniques in general were not original, such as changing eye contact and body turns or the alla-prima technique from the Italians, his methods of creating the look are well-praised. Hals also has an unusual, meticulous manner of painting his classic mustaches, for each hair seems alive and individual. Not only was his facial hair on his portrayals elaborate, the details of each outfit are particular as well. From the collar to the hundreds of wrinkles through out, each outfit is slightly different on each man- an attention to detail that not all artists have. (Take for example, Night Watch, by Rembrandt. The further away the men are from the center light, the more blurry and blob-like they are.)

And if there's anything that one should take away from this post, that is, on any painting, one can easily identify Frans Hals by the tilted heads, the mustache, the details, and the bilious, happy smiles.

And if you really couldn't find the answers to the games, the men are right under the American flag to the left. While you're re-looking, you might as well get yourself a new pair of spectacles.

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