Prussian Blue

7:00 AM

Thomas Phillips, Prussian Blue, 1816

William Thomas Brande and Michael Faraday Making Prussian Blue, by Thomas Phillips, reflects the experience I had throughout high school. I am greatly thankful and honored to have great teachers.  Their dedication and hard work shapes the students for success.   

Besides the knowledge, our teachers care and want you to succeed with optimism/ strength. Either Mrs. Guldin taking weekends off to help her AP students or Mr. Crumm arriving thirty minutes early to help with Chemistry. I hate to point out just two, but the blog would never end. It is the care and strength the teachers have that made my high school experience unforgettable. 

Thank you to all the teachers for your kind and dedicated sprit. You are an inspiration to every student you had. I cannot express enough of my appreciation. I hope all of you the best.   

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