Skin: Amor Vincet Omnia

7:00 AM

Curated by Sonia Larbi

Caravaggio, Amor Vincet Omnia, 1601-1602

My collection, which supposedly celebrates the plump and fleshy, would be remiss without at least one Caravaggio. And Caravaggio's Cupid is so very, very nude. What drew me to this painting was the realism in which Caravaggio painted Cupid's torso and arm. The chiaroscuro shades the muscles just right and brings out every detail with more than life-like precision.

Specifically, the small creases of Cupid's stomach as he steps onto the floor take my breath away. They make the painting a masterpiece. They bend Cupid in half and elicit movement in his wings. They make the painting believable.

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