Structure and Paintings: Musical Fete

7:00 AM

Structure and Paintings
Analyzing Architecture and Perspective within Paintings
Curated by Max Cantu-Lima

Giovani Paolo Panini, Musical Fête, 1747

"Design an architectural space to accommodate a specific program, experience, or intent." 
#12, 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School, Matthew Frederick

Giovani Paolo Panini was both a painter and an architect. His better known work consists of paintings of Rome's ruins when he had traveled there. In France he became famous for decorating palaces. As an architect Panini had an understanding for form and shape, so the composition of his work comes to no surprise. The painting is brilliant. You view it straight on as a fellow spectator as the show carriers you away. The perspective of the auditorium engages your eye with the red leading to the cool colors of blue and grey up to the holy yellows. The show must be quite good for the crowed is transfixed.

Little is actually known about Panini's work because he's just not that popular. But his work demands more attention. It creates space and detail that leads the eye across the canvas from one end to the other. The symmetry and balance displays an understanding of art. Just look at those chandeliers and the way the jewels sparkle. Every inch of this canvas calls for your attention, as each brush stroke behaves like an actor demanding your observation.

This painting needs more recognition. It's captivating. The reverberations of the instruments can almost be felt even through the computer screen. The contrast between the low cello strings and the sweet sounds of the violin. All working to complement the voices singing to the audience. Panini's painting has an organization of shapes that move the way the music does to accentuate the stage. The sides of the canvas open up as if ready to embrace you into a spectacle. The way it has done with everyone else.  The show goes on. You are not the first to see it, nor will you be the last. The show is captured in a never ending state of action, playing all the time. Waiting for you attendance.

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