Adventure Time and Mad Meg

7:00 AM

Bruegel Mad Meg, 1562

Bruegel's, Mad Meg tells the story of a woman from a Finnish proverb who is said to have the power to enter hell and return unharmed. She is painted with a group of followers who raid a house close behind. They are doing things their way and saying "enough" to duties and boundaries. Bruegel continues this trend of breaking rules with the armor he has placed on Meg as she runs from the mouth of hell, stolen goods in hand. This piece is out of control, and Meg and friends seem to really make a mess of things on their journey to Hell. Uncontrolled tempers, fearless behavior, and bad ass women can only remind me of one thing: The Flame Princess. The Flame Princess in Adventure Time, lives in the Fire Kingdom, already similar to the Mad Meg scene, but she also has quite the attitude. In this clip Finn and the Princess disagree as to how they should fight through the goose skulls and snap dragons.

Flame Princess tells Finn that she wants to do things her way and turns up the heat. She loses control as her powers take addict. Her behavior reminds me of Meg's, she breaks the rules by burning down the doors much like Bruegel paints Meg breaking out of classic women's roles. Meg throws herself in harm's way knowing her own strength to make it out, and the Flame Princess allows her strength to overcome her and turns into the evil shrewd-like woman that Meg represents. Both characters are powerful without question, and both have the capability to influence others with their strength.

Meg inspires the other women to join her pillage on hell, but the Flame Princess' powers of destruction impact Finn in a different way. She puts Finn in danger when her fire powers take over and she loses control. The beauty of Mad Meg is how Bruegel paints her in complete control of her actions, she knows how to get what she wants. The Flame Princess, in search for short cuts, loses this control and puts herself in danger.

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