Mujeres Riendo and How to Fight Loneliness

7:00 AM

Goya, Mujeres Riendo, 1819-1823
There's this moment in every senior's life, whether at the very end of high school or just throughout the year, where they realize the finality of everything they do. From the last first day of high school and picking your last new locker to the last class with your favorite teacher and turning in your very last exam, it all seems so... incomplete.

Maybe what I'm trying to get at is that high school - and life afterwards - isn't going to be wrapped up with a ribbon and put away nicely. Things aren't going to be simple. Not every single person in my class is going to know their exact plan for the next four years of their life. I know I won't... and that's scary. We go through our day to day lives, counting the months until graduation while simultaneously wishing we could just go back to kindergarten and not have to take this next step.

Goya's Black Paintings have always been significant for me. Saturn Devouring His Son was the first one I ever saw, and I did not like it. But there is just something about these specific pieces that I attach to. Maybe it's morbid curiosity, but I've never felt more in awe of or more intimate with an artist than when looking at these pieces. Which is something truly special for an onlooker. 

Matching the creepiest smiles I've ever seen with "How to Fight Loneliness" just seemed right. The words about having to "smile all the time" just fit so well in this period of change - sometimes the smile is genuine, other times just something that you have to do to keep going.

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