Revenge and Judith and Holofernes

7:00 AM

Caravaggio Judith and Holofernes 1598-1599

Since the story of Judith and Holofernes is more widely known, I will start with the plot line of Revenge. This show involves a complex revenge scheme that a broken-hearted Emily Thorne has thought up. With the help of her "true love," Aidan, and her best friend, Nolan the three of them plan to destroy the family that framed her father for a terrorist act on the country and killed him while he was in prison when Emily was a young girl. Obviously this family is extremely powerful and the highest of the high in social standings, so Emily climbs the ladder by taking a new identity and a new boyfriend, the eldest son of the family, Daniel. This is a difficult pill for her real man to swallow, watching his girl all over the enemy, so much so that he falls for Emily's trick and right into her trap by proposing to her. What better way to burn a family to the ground than form the inside out?

Judith is seeking revenge of her own after hearing about the attacks planned on her family's village. She, like Emily Thorne, uses her beauty to seduce the enemy and get Holofernes right where she wants him: to drunk to function. Once in this state she and her maid take the fine opportunity to go ahead and take his head for the road, which leaves his plans to destroy her village foiled, obviously.

Clearly, these women are bad ass and not to be messed with, especially in terms of their family. I guess its the perfect example of blood running thicker than water despite what family you marry into and no matter how dirty the deed. I love how powerful they are, kicking butt and taking names. In Emily's case,  she literally takes her enemy's name when she marries into the family. My only hope for them is that it is worth it. I see the reward in Judith taking her revenge before the event takes place; but for Emily, doing these things and destroying this family won't bring her dad back. I guess I'll just have to keep watching Revenge and see.

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