Parrot in Three Positions

7:00 AM

Albrecht Durer, Parrot in Three Positions, 1503

Durer's Parrot in Three Positions, achieves a scientific view in which the subject, the parrot, appears specimen-like. Although standing there in a matter in which it may seem the parrot has some sort of free will, it does not, for it is frozen. The same parrot being shown in three different positions indicates further the scientific value of the portrait. Durer once again grasps every detail of the bird as he had done with The Little Owl and the Young Hare, his attention brings out the livelihood of every animal pictured.

The value of life has been a struggle constantly dealt with in both the world of science and political conflict. Throughout these events, humans have also been treated like simple specimens, making them of no more value than the bird depicted by Durer. The lack of value also represents a helplessness, an inability to change the fate, such as the birds of a simple jungle camp of DOTA 2 waiting to be massacred by a whirling axe of an oncoming hero.

Although the painting displays a bird that seems to be alive, a hint of death remains through the dark tones used as well as the stillness felt from the parrot. Overall the value of the Parrot and the significance of its positions may teach a valuable lesson of life.

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