Peasant Wedding and Drunk in Love

7:00 AM

Pieter Bruegel, Peasant Wedding, 1567

Here we have a classic work of Bruegel where the title is barely present in the painting. The viewer can assume the festivities occurring is the reception of a wedding, as the title suggests. But where are the bride and groom? A necessity that a wedding needs to occur. You can presume that in the top left corner where a crowd of people are gathered is where the wedding occurred, and the tables with all the food and merriness is where the celebration takes place.

Drunk in Love, by the incredible queen herself, is a great connection to Peasant Wedding. Although Beyonce is known for being the queen and having nothing to do with a lonely peasant, I believe she and Bruegel could be good friends. They both were famous of their times and put out fantastic works that made the viewers and listeners wanting more and more.

Drunk In Love by Beyonce connects with Pieter Bruegel's Peasant Wedding in many ways. First Beyonce talks about being in love. That is what is pictured in this painting. Although the love is not being shown you can assume there is love in the air, or why else would there be a wedding occurring. Also in Beyonce's Drunk in Love we can find out from the title people are drinking and being merry. Just like the people in Peasant Wedding drinking and celebrating the recent wedding festivities.

Editor's Note: While we love Queen Bey, we also know that the video for said song runs towards the racy (if not raunchy). Thus, if you so desire to listen to a clean know what to do.

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