The two sides of Albrecht Dürer

7:00 AM

Nude Sel-portrait - Albrecht Durer
Albrecht Durer, Self-Portrait, 1505

"Battle the image inside of my mind"

Dürer's Nude Self Portrait depict's a more human version of himself, rather than the Jesus-like being seen in his other self-portraits. He seems to be troubled, as the lighting of his body almost indicates lighter and darker halves of himself. Although stern, a distraught look remains in his eyes, complementing his posture.

"People only in your life for seasons."

These contrasting images and opinions of himself draw me in most to Dürer's portrait and contradict the once constant god-like aura he had possessed or at least believed he did. Here he depicts himself in a more rugged, flawed fashion and his body appears as uncut and incomplete, further exhaustion his humanity

"Look around, everything changes."

Regardless of what Dürer had been struggling through, a present connection can be made, as images, opinions and personalities contradict each other in order to make up a whole. Dürer accomplishes a view of humanity and vulnerability while covering the incomplete aspect of of it all.

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