The Triumph of Venus

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The Triumph of Venus, François Boucher, 1740

INTELLECT. ENCHANTMENT. ROMANCE. Look no further than François Boucher’s The Triumph of Venus. Obtaining such an exquisite painting not only displays knowledge of Greek mythology, but the importance of romance's commencement. Just a couple years before creating this masterpiece, the imaginative Boucher received the pristine honor of gaining a membership to The Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture. His artistic reputation speaks for itself as Boucher continues to be recognized for his large-scale historical and mythological paintings. Owning a Boucher is a must!

If you’re looking to keep up with the best Rococo trends, The Triumph of Venus’ composition contains a cool palette with shades of blue and turquoise, both belonging to the Rococo style of art. Amidst the seemingly erotic setting, amorous love prevails as Venus glows amongst the chaos. Movement spurs from wind as the cupids frolic and lift the pink and grey silk over the Goddess. Detailed voluptuous bodies, one of Boucher’s signatures, serve as branches for Venus’ doves to perch on. Boucher makes no effort to hide the human body rendering them exposed. This adds to themes of sensuality and fantasy in the painting. The scene’s relevance demands to be felt as Venus, and love itself, are being born.

This portrayal of mythologie galante invites an aura of sentimental love that fills any location this painting presides. Boucher combines natural and artificial subject matter in order to let pleasure and relaxation radiate to the viewer. Love spews from the swells of the ocean as Venus sits idle and calm. The sheer beauty of the Goddess of Love evokes a sort of romanticism that underlines human simplicity. Interests in pleasure and fantasy throb while Boucher’s intricate attention to detail proves his brilliant execution as an artist. With François Boucher’s works flourishing, and his career potential on the rise, owning The Triumph of Venus proves to, not only be a decision of refined taste, but a keen investment. Show off your passion for love while also impressing people with your intellect.

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Editor's Note: The authors were asked to write sales copy for Edme-François Gersaint, the prominent rococo art dealer who offered a printed catalog of available works.

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