At the Light of a Candle, Three Men Study Replica of the Borghese Gladiator

7:00 AM

Joseph Wright of Derby, At the light of a candle, three men study a small replica of the Borghese gladiator, 1765

One of the best paintings by the best painters in England, and I should know. Hi I'am Edme-François Gersaint, call me Gerry, your local, friendly art dealer. I'm coming to you today with this once in a life time offer, hundreds of fine paintings from some of the best artists in Europe at great prices. "Hey Gerry, how do you get all of these paintings" Well, I found the best way to get high quality art is from the source itself, that's right the painters. Ya see I've spent my life rubbing elbows and getting to know the best painters of Europe - Watteau, Fragonard and all that crew. All close personal friends. This painting in particular just screams intelligence. So buy it, guaranteed to make you look like you know something, even if you can't buckle your own shoe.

Don't believe me? Just hit anyone with this explanation and they will think you're and everyday Newton or Leibniz. The man in the front of the painting obscures the candle, making it appear that the man with the red lapel gives off the light in this painting. Light in this case represents knowledge and the discovery of new ideas. The persons in this painting study the Borghese gladiator, a statue of Roman origin perhaps attempting to gain modern insight from classical sources. The back of the statue forms a triangle with the man in front to frame the central man further reinforcing his prominence in the painting.

This painting can be yours for the low price of 1,200 Francs, a steal compared to some of the other paintings in this catalog. Buy this painting to prove you intelligence in both the sciences and the arts. But act now and get a fistfull of sea shells, too! Quick, buy it before one of your friends does you don't want to look worse than them, Right?

Editor's Note: The authors were asked to write sales copy for Edme-François Gersaint, the prominent rococo art dealer who offered a printed catalog of available works.

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