Fêtes and Folly: And the Band Played On

7:00 AM

Andy Thomas, And the Band Played On, 2009

Legend tells the tale of a harmonious oddity, a party unforeseen and shocking. In attendance, twenty-six notable musicians throughout the ages, from Louis Armstrong to Elvis to Frank Sinatra and many others. They dance about and enjoy themselves in a brotherly fashion, a not-so-subtle argument towards male dominance as few woman make an appearance in the piece.

Thomas's rich palette conveys the joy in the scene through the multitude of vibrant colors.  It fulfills its duty because music imparts a message, whether that of joy or sorrow or love.  In this case, happiness permeates the canvas with intense blues and reds. Oh yes! And alcohol!  Drink runs plenty from chalices, bottles, and mugs.  It lights up the canvas, leaving only the night sky in a somber mood. Thomas's use of flowing lines produces an easy-going personality to the piece, fueled by the alcohol, undoubtedly.

But then again, what do I know?

*** Editor's Note: Students developed the topic of Fêtes and Folly to chronicle elegant celebrations, bad dates, late nights, or other things related to that time in Spring where barbaric yawps can be heard from backyards, beaches, or the more familiar rooftop. Enjoy their revelry, cheeky overstatement, and occasional tales of ribaldry over the next couple of weeks.

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