Fêtes and Folly: The Large Bathers

7:00 AM

Renoir, The Large Bathers, 1887

I present to you the 1887 edition of Girls Gone Wild. The boobs are free and the girls intoxicated. Sitting on the bank of the French Rivera as if it were Las Playas of Cancun. 

The breakdown of the squad goes like this. Our Voluminous Brunette most likely reigns as den mother keeping an eye on her ducklings as they venture into the world of red solo cups and bad pick-up lines. She warns them of men and reminds them to NEVER, and I mean NEVER set their drink down. 

The young woman glued to her side acts a loyal sidekick refusing to party unless she has her mother. Our braided friend represents the craziness of the group, the one who somehow always ends up on top of a table. As for the two in the background they only have one thing on their mind. The party tonight! In the midst of swimming they plan their provocative outfits and take guesses about the type of men who will be attending. 

You might be thinking that although my evidence convincing, The Large Bathers by Renoir does not completely capture spring break due to the lack of salivating men. Don’t worry I’m sure they exist beyond the canvas. To the criticisms I offer two things. First who wants to see men in Girls Gone Wild and second the absence of men in the painting helps to stress the sisterhood motif. With a man the painting would give off a predator vibe and destroy the happiness felt by the women enjoying their bodies and the sun. 

Yes, spring break is known for rampant partying and booze, but with The Large Bathers we see the other side of it - these women express their hot bods because they can...and they enjoy each other’s company to boot. 

*** Editor's Note: Students developed the topic of Fêtes and Folly to chronicle elegant celebrations, bad dates, late nights, or other things related to that time in Spring where barbaric yawps can be heard from backyards, beaches, or the more familiar rooftop. Enjoy their revelry, cheeky overstatement, and occasional tales of ribaldry over the next couple of weeks.

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