Westward: Corn Fields

7:00 AM

Corn Fields, unknown, Peter J. Cohen Collection

Corn Fields, an album of photographs collected by Peter J. Cohen takes a look at midwestern American life. The photographs depict familial pride in their crop and their midwestern lifestyle. 

Cohen, a photography enthusiast, saved more than 50,000 discarded photographs over his collecting career. After the development of Kodak's handheld camera, photography became a much more accessible artistic medium. The amateur, folk-art style of his photographs only add to the American authenticity of the collection.

Cohen approaches this project in an interesting way, he gives a collection of photographs with an overarching theme one title that could apply to each of photographs included. The photographs above are two out of twelve in a collection. The shots of everyday life could have been taken by anyone. For me, that's what makes this collection so interesting. Rather than a posed, planned, and then executed project these are actual photographs, taken by actual people, of actual people. 

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