Westward: Empire State with Graf

7:00 AM

Bryan Hunt, Empire State with Graf, 1975 


When people think of America, without doubt the image of the Empire State building comes to mind. The Empire State building qualified as the tallest building in the world measuring a total of 1,250 feet until 1972 when the Word Trade Center was finished. Alfred E. Smith, an investor and former governor of New York, wanted to ensure the titles safety against the Chrysler building by adding an extra 200 feet. His justification, aside from defending the title, for the extra 200 feet was to serve as a docking station for air crafts like the one pictured above.

Bryan Hunt took inspiration from the "photoshopped" pictures and created these 3D version. The piece is constructed of wood and silk paper to achieve the metallic look. It is one of eighteen in a series Hunt took on of similar aircrafts.

Countless images surfaced of the cylinder shaped metallic blimp touching the top of the tallest building in the world. Of course, this never actually happened. But by layering exposures a photoshop before photoshop effects is created. Although months after the opening of the building, the J-4 hovered above the building. At the 102nd floor there is a balcony, serving as a potential docking station with an exceptionally breathtaking view of the New York skyline.

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