Praying Hands

7:00 AM

Durer, Praying Hands, 1508

It's said that the hands are the instruments of instruments. Without them the human race would not be where it is today, whether we're talking art, technology or just day-to-day tasks. Durer, the German painter, print maker and mathematician certainly wouldn't have been able to create all he did without them. Although a seemingly meaningless sketch, perhaps this was Durer's tribute to God for giving him his most essential tool.

In 2014, R&B artist Drake dropped his album if you're reading this it's too late. For the cover art, he manipulated Durer's Praying Hands into a thick lined in full black and white contrast. While many listeners are unaware of the influence, Drake's silent tribute to the master Renaissance painter has become a pop culture icon. Although the two artists practice in different mediums, they have both consumed the industry.

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