Young Hare

7:00 AM

Albrecht Dürer, Young Hare, 1502

Albrecht Dürer was a German artist famous for his artwork and engravings. His ability to engrave, woodcut, and paint stemmed from years of apprenticeship and study. Young Hare, painted in 1502, exemplifies all his skills as an artist but also a mathematician. His knowledge of math and proportions helped create this unbelievably accurate depiction. Some argue he used a live model while others contest he created numerous drawings based on observations in the woods.

Regardless, Dürer beautifully brings this hare to life using a light source to illuminate the subject. The shadow the hare casts allows its outline to be more prominent. Dürer also masterfully depicted the hare's fur. The realistic flow of the fur seems nearly impossible given he did it with watercolor and gauche. At first glance this painting seems ordinary, but once you analyze the sheer precession and detail, its possible to say Young Hair seems photographic because of its near perfection

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