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Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Christ, 1834

Oh. My. Dad. I am done. 

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, wildly known for his neo-classical portraits, also considers himself to be a historical painter. In this particular painting, he set Jesus in a totally sassy manor. His holy sassiness lets a high school art history student to apply their own modern Youtube jokes.

Ingres mainly painted religious figures when he was commissioned to paint for the Neo-Gothic chapel of Neuilly. During this period he painted other religious paintings like Jesus Among the Doctors. He painted a similar portrait of The Virgin Mary, where it is encased in the same oval frame. The difference is that The Virgin Mary has more background within the painting. Compositionally, the painting has a lot of merit. For a rather modest painting (80 x 60 cm) Jesus takes up the majority of the canvas without getting disproportionate.  

Jesus ain't got time for that. 

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