The Milkmaid of Bordeaux

7:00 AM

Francisco Goya, The Milkmaid of Bordeaux, 1825-1827

After Francisco Goya's death, his reputation skyrocketed. Curators from France and England were buying all of his pieces. They even purchased paintings that were given to Goya's son. People from other countries knew that he was a eccentric sketch artist, and they thought his paintings were not held to the same standard.

During a short period after his death, some of his friends searched through his home in Bordeaux to find that Goya was a hoarder.  Whereas some artists would keep some unfinished sketches and paintings, Goya kept many of finished pieces that critics deemed as masterpieces. The Milkmaid of Bordeaux was one of these pieces that Goya hid from the world. He spent a long time perfecting the details of this image. 

The curve of the woman's back, along with her content facial expression, bring harmony to the painting. This is a typical Goya painting, due to the background and source of light hovering around the milkmaid's body. Pulsating like an aura, creating a heavenly layer to the painting. The amount of time that Goya spent on this painting, stands out from the rest of the portraits of other females. There is more dimension and poise of this woman than in other works such as The Duchess of Alba I

The Milkmaid of Bordeaux, exemplifies the artistic ability of Francisco Goya. He creates pieces that make people think, and have personal affiliations behind. But this piece is more serene and enjoyable than some pieces because of the tones of blues and light sources. Goya can do dark and creepy like no other, but it shows his talent that show us something so beautiful.

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