Can You Hear It and Gossip Girl

7:00 AM

James Nares, Can You Hear it, 2010.

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite.

James Nares is a contemporary artist, creating his works since the late 1990s. Nares has an infatuation with movement, and creating movement within a short passage of time. He shows more of a creative mind as he passes through busy New York streets as he films his artistic videos.

What is more interesting than his works is how Nares creates his paintings. Nares first custom makes his own paint brushes that range from a paint brush fit for painting a wall to brushes that are larger than life. Once the perfect-sized brush has been chosen, James Nares straps into a harness and repels over his canvas, Mission Impossible-style. Nares craves to identify his movement by creating a finished work in a single stroke.

One of Nares’ pieces was featured in episodes of Gossip Girl, where his artwork hangs in the apartment building of the Van Der Woodsen's. James Nares captures moments in a manner similar to ever-present Gossip Girl.

The bouncing lines of Can You Hear It reflects the highs and lows of Manhattan’s upper elite. When following the love stories of Blair and Chuck, or Dan and Serena there are obvious (and sometimes redundant) ups and downs flows the same as this painting. In the series finale the viewers are given a sigh of relief when the show presents what happens five years later. Not surprisingly, Gossip Girl is perpetuated into the future of outsiders that crave acceptance. Nares’s piece flows like a river, sustaining the viewer’s eye to ebb and flow. Whereas Dan’s yearning to be accepted and eventually loved by Serena by hiding behind a mask, Gossip Girl encourages future high school students to do whatever they can to get mentioned by GG. XO XO.

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