The Crowd

7:00 AM

Wyndham Lewis, The Crowd, 1914-1915. 

With an unstable family life Wyndham Lewis, found his balance in painting. His parents were born from different countries and later divorced. Having to deal with switching houses a few times a week, with understandable complaints of not seeing a parent too much, try divorced parents in different countries. Lewis lived with his mother in England where he went to school and learned how to play rugby and paint. There are no recollections if he had a relationship with his father. Once out of school Lewis traveled around Europe for the most of his career.

Before World War I, Lewis found a balance through geometric designs of cityscapes. He and his fellow Vorticism painters denounced cubism because they could not feel movement. With their take, it does create movement. The Crowd gives a sense of falling, like in Alice in Wonderland, falling through different levels and seeing different shapes. 

In class we read through Brettell's bool on modern art. In that this piece was in black in white with gave it more of a balance between structure and chaos. With this color palate all the different shades of brown and orange remind me of a stereotypical 1970s home. I can see the bright orange carpet, the dark brown furniture and the weird yellow-ish curtains. While the white pieces - through all the muddy shades of brown - fight for attention. 

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