Know Your School of Athens Philosophers: Xenophon

7:00 AM

Raphael, School of Athens, 1511

Would you look at that! It's the School of Athens! Wait a second...zoom in a little bit. 

A little bit more...

Wow, someone clearly doesn't enjoy the presence of his teacher, Socrates. Xenophon appears to be having the worst day of his life, which seems hard to believe. Who could be so grumpy while standing among scholars, whom seems to embody the entire intellectual world. Xenophon was a man of war, and not only did he take part in military expeditions, but he also wrote accounts of them. Xenophon's life became a series of ups and downs as he was appointed as a leader, but eventually exiled from Athens for what appeared to be fighting for the other side (Sparta at the time). Xenophon's eviction from Athenian society would justify his grumpy face. After getting kicked out, he took all of his mercenary booty he had earned and decided to settle down. Xenophon was more than just a veteran, but also a philosopher, a man of thought and author of accounts. A true legend. 

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