Know Your School of Athens Philosophers: Epicurus

7:00 AM

Raphael, School of Athens, 1511

In Raphael's School of Athens, Epicurus is depicted on the left side reading a brown book. He is thought to have lived from 340-270 B.C.E. Epicurus is the founder of the philosophy called Epicureanism.

Epicurus believed everyone should try to have a happy life, peace from fear, and no pain. He says we can do this by surrounding ourselves with family and friends. He says if something does not have scientific proof, it should not be trusted. He wants the world to respect and honor the gods, he says they do not interfere with the modern world but they are still a necessity in humans lives. Another philosophy of Epicurus is to have a moderation in the appetite. 

Raphael pictures Epicurus with a small smile on his face. He believes everyone should be happy so it would make sense to be pictured with a smile.

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