Know Your Chapeau: Margot in Blue

7:00 AM

Mary Cassatt, Margot in Blue, 1902 

Mary Cassatt, an American Impressionist painter, was known for her paintings depicting mother and child bonds and the lives of upper class women. I found her story similar to Edith Wharton's in that they both came from wealthy families who warned their respective daughters about a career in writing or art. Such occupations were certainly not a path for women of their class. Cassatt's father even said he would rather see his daughter dead than living abroad as a "bohemian." I greatly appreciate Wharton and Cassatt's dedication and passion that led them to be amazing influential women of their time.

Margot in Blue is a beautiful and charming portrait of a young girl in quite the extravagant bonnet. This hat is about four times the size of her face and gives off kind of an eskimo vibe, but I guess this is what Daddy's money could buy at the time. The girl looks tremendously pleased with her outfit and sits poised and with confidence. Cassatt uses pastel (influenced by Degas) and a bright palette. The background is solid and dull in contrast to the brightly-colored subject.

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