Know Your Chapeau: Femme Au Chapeau

7:00 AM

Henri Matisse, Femme Au Chapeau, 1905

Henri Matisse depicts his wife Amelie Matisse in his 1905 Femme Au Chapeau or Woman with Hat. She poses with a fantastic fan and honestly a fabulous hat that I wish was a part of my wardrobe. Amelie Matisse sayid in a 1906 interview that her outfit was completely black when her husband painted her. She always wore black, but her husbands eclectic mind put this painting to a new level of excellence.

Little did I know while researching crazy hats that this painting that I loved was a transition point in Matisse's career. This painting is typical of a Matisse, the brush strokes and the colors make it unmistakable. This painting is different because it was the star of his 1905 show that started a modern art movement called fauvism. Fauvism is French for "wild beasts." This art movement was an avant-garde style that used color to emphasize certain qualities of the subject. Another famous artist of this time was Andre Derain. The subject was simple but had a certain amount of abstract to set it apart from other works of modern art. 

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