Know Your Chapeau: Portrait of Saladin

7:00 AM

Cristofano dell’Altissimo, Portrait of a Saladin, c.1525-160

Hat's off to Señor Cristofano Dell'Altissimo for his cap-ital effort creating this fedora-ble painting full to the brim with cap-tivating mystery as to what kind of hat-astrophe has found itself on Sultan Saladin's head.

If you're already tired of the hat puns please feel free turban me now because it's beanie a long night coming up with all these.

There's a bit of a humorous hat-mosphere to this painting that I can't quite place. I don't want to find it so humorous, Saladin looks so serious and frankly, a bit dis-turban-ed. But the fancy-towel-animal-octopus-crown-thing on his head makes it a bit difficult to be sympat-hat-ic.

It may be way over my head, but I haven't been able to find a single turban style similar to his anywhere. Even other sources describe him as wearing a white and gold turban with a single point at the top and a gold crescent in the middle. Cristofano Dell'Altissimo was known as "The King of Copying" for all his portraits were strictly copies of other other artists' portraits and/or copies of copies. Therefore, one can only guess he got his ideas of haberdashery from some T-urban Legend or something.

Overall, Dell'Altissimo's use of muted and somewhat brim color pallet paired with Saladin's outright sombre-ro indisposition comb-hat-s with the fez-tive hilarity and flagrancy of his headdress to a point of utter frustration. Why Dell'Altissimo thought it was smart putting Sultan Saladin in some headpiece, obviously straight from Turban Outfitters, is beanie-th me. Personally, I feel the first Ayyubid Sultan of Egypt deserves better.

Hat's everything I have to say.

Thanks for bearing with me. Hat's real sweet of you. I'm Trilby sorry for all the puns but it hat to be done. For those who made it to the end: Hip hip Beret! And for the rest- well, hatters gonna hat.

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