We Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy

7:00 AM

Rothko in Antwerp
A note from the editor: 

After a lengthier than imagined hiatus, I am happy to report that My Kid Could Paint that will return in full tomorrow. We ran into any number of technical issues with the re-design, and we also found that several of our authors had virtually “disappeared” with their graduation and attendant removal from the Barstow e-mail system. 

Over the course of the next few months, we will do some needed housecleaning - getting the tags right for alumni authors, replacing images that have vanished and generally making the site easy to use. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, as each day’s article will be posted upon the social networks. 

The students started this year by reading John Logan’s Red, which traces Mark Rothko’s decision to cancel a large commission for the Four Seasons in the Seagram’s building. We watched an episode on Rothko from Simon Schama’s Power of Art, read Camus’ “Myth of Sisyphus” and traversed the futile landscape of Waiting for Godot. The students’ first posts simply made me smile. They are personal and probing, bold and brainy. Watching students gain intellectual confidence provides me with all the rewards I need from this profession. What will follow here: another group of students who will impress with their insight, wit and words. 

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