Art History Hotties: Broken Oar

7:00 AM

Frank Schoonover, Broken Oar, 1910 

Ah, the Ivy league rowing teams, from May to March going up and down the Quinnipiac. Undoubtedly they have caused thousands of accidents, as onlookers ogle the lithe college men performing their sport. Even though this young gentleman is partly obscured in shadow, anyone who lives near a college with a half decent track team know the musculature of any young athlete, whether they choose to admit it of not.

No matter your preference, young male athletes have a gravity about them, they pull the eyes of all those around to gaze solely at them. Willingly or not every person has stared for a moment too long at an athlete preforming their craft. S reminisce about their own glory days, others about what could have been. For some of us we are just about to embark on that wondrous voyage that is college, amd ievitably mistakes will be made. However, there will always be spring sports and athletes to comfort us.

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