Art History Hotties: The Dying Slave

7:00 AM

 Michelangelo, Dying Slave,1513-1515

Oh my! How dominating, how erotic. One would never guess this was a Dying Slave. The only thing dying about this slave is them abs if you know what I mean. Could you believe that this work was unfinished? I didn't either until I looked down, which didn’t happen until about an hour of exposure, no pun intended. 

However, I can tell you, I was not looking at the legs. Yeah, you know what I was looking at. It was his beautiful face, bleeding with passion for Christ. The original work was to be placed around Christ's tomb. It was only ever rejected because it was too big to fit.  It was originally with its pair, the rebellious slave, but they say the two contrasted each other, but in my opinion, the other one got jealous. 

In contrast to the active struggle featured in the Rebellious Slave, the Dying Slave shows a more passive struggle, as he looks like he’s fallen victim to some kind of intoxicant, the intoxicant being the mirror he looked into this morning. Some would ask where his clothes are. However, the truth is, you don’t need clothes when you are that comfortable and that beautiful in the nude. 

The Dying Slave is a true artistic masterpiece. It insights the most voluptuous of emotions, but at the same time, demands respect. I would love to see the dying slave, even if it was unsuccessful in guarding the tomb of Christ. The seven-foot wonder, I think anybody would fall victim to its charm, male or female.

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