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Bernini, David, 1624

Bernini’s David was made for Scipione Borghese’s villa and completed in 1624. For unknown reasons, Bernini stopped working on Apollo and Daphne to make David in only seven months. David is about to throw the stone and which will allow him to behead Goliath. David did not wear armor, it lays at his feet, because he fought better without it. There is also a harp by his feet which shows that he was a talented musician. 

A statue of David was never made like this before. The figure is in the middle of the action and life-like. His face is scrunched in concentration and his body is tense. He is in the middle of fighting, so he does not have a perfect, sublime face or display Goliath's head like other statues. He steps forward towards the viewer and twists his body in anticipation of throwing the stone.

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