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Borromini, Sant'ivo, 1642-1660

Sant'ivo, also known as the Palace of Wisdom, was created by Borromini in 1642 and was completed in 1660. His determination for Sant'ivo was much more grand than other projects he worked previously on. He wanted to make Sant'ivo a place to show his respect to God and express his emotions and ideas. Borromini's inspiration was deeply personal, which helped Borromini successfully complete his ideal church. 

Just like people say, Simple is better. Sant'ivo was aimed to be designed in simpler form, but main focus was put into the dome and the lantern. The dome was created with simple shapes that included triangles, circles, semi-circles, and curves to create depth and pentagram of alternating curves. The Dome was decorated with sculpted angels and stars. The interior wall was covered in white and gray paint to show purity. Although the Dome is short, it rises up to the lantern which was also known as tempietto at the time. It was designed in spiral form to lead up to an altar. The altar is topped with stone sculptures of torches that symbolize knowledge. 

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