Florence Triumphant over Pisa

7:00 AM

Giambologna, Florence Triumphant over Pisa, 1570


This is a Terracotta sculpture of modelled clay. The dimensions are: height 39 cm, width 15 cm, and the depth is 17 cm maximum. This sculpture is the well-known Triumph of Florence over Pisa. This model is one of the earliest recorded for the many different models he created before doing the marble sculpture. In this model we can appreciate Florence triumphant over Pisa, what represents the republic of Florence, interpreted by a woman, victorious over Pisa, a rival city conquered by Florence. 

Giambologna got the project in 1565, and was planned to be showed in the Salone del Cinquecento of the Palazzo Vecchio during the celebration of Francesco’s marriage with Joanna of Austria. However, there was not enough time for choosing and transporting the marble block from the quarry. Because of that this plaster model was shown. The marble sculpture was completed in 1570.The bozzetto was created in a board made of wood, underneath is visible the print of which. Giambologna focused on Florence. He did not construct Florence’s arms. That allowed him to create more detailed on the torso, and on the skin (which is smooth). On the other hand he did not spend plenty of time on Pisa; for instance if you take a look to Pisa's head, you will notice that the face is missing. Nowadays, this statue is located in Florence, in the Palazzo Bargello, in the Medieval & Renaissance department, Room 62.

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