Flagellation and Baxandall

7:00 AM

 Piero Della Franchesca's Flagellation, 1449

As a 15th century Florentine painter, you didn't just paint, you practically did it all. Going through intensive schooling, painters such as Piero Della Francesca, had a pretty firm grip on mathematics, as the subject was stressed for years, The use of mathematics and geometry in painting at the time became a show of skill and intelligence, and allowed artists to boast of their structural proportions. As the population became more educated in math, the artwork had to follow. Francesca became aware of this and upped his geometric game to the point that almost every aspect of his paintings held some geometric significance. This became Francesca's challenge to the public as he invited viewers to test his accuracy.

Francesca's Flagellation makes no exception as it depicts accurate and attractive architecture. Although Francesca may to have gotten the order of importance wrong as it seems to be the three men in front first, then the pillars and architectural structures and,oh yeah, Jesus is being whipped in the back somewhere. Regardless of this, nicely done on those pillars, because after all that's what counts, right?

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