Know Your Chapeau: Three Cornered Hat

7:00 AM

Walt Kuhn, Three-Cornered Hat, 1943

Kuhn's Three Cornered Hat, achieves a look of complete power. The woman depicted maintains a constant stern face and and piercing blue eyes (as if she needed any of this). The hat alone contains the capability to take control of an empire. Do not make the mistake of misinterpreting the flowers on the hat, the hat is more than just decoration, more than just an accessory.

The thing's mere size could be used as a weapon, even the hat's edges stretch further than the woman's own shoulders. The red streaks that outline the head wear might as well be stains of blood, as this woman means business with the symbol of power resting upon her head. Generally,  throughout history, people should know to never mess with a massive hat. This is more than a simple top hat or cap, the hat embodies the word "elite." The hat is more than just fashion (although it very much is so), it is power.

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