Know Your Chapeau: Picnic in the Mountains

7:00 AM

Fernando Botero, Picnic in the Moutains, 1966

Picnic in the Mountains is a striking painting. All I can say is, "Hats off" to Francisco Botero for catching my attentions so quickly in my art history career. His painting style is… interesting to say the least. He always satirizes people into these strange pudgy beings who never fail to haunt my dreams. This painting in particular takes a bolder view in that as he sketched the two abnormally large beings who take up more space than the mountains. What is even more mind boggling is that the size of the man’s hat. It is just as big as the mountains.

Some could argue that Senor Botero’s perspective is way off, but after examining his paintings, you realize this man actually doesn’t care about what other people think (you can look at some notable works on Botero uses a vast color range in this painting as he uses many warm colors and wide variety of fruit

Fernando Botero changed my life. After looking at his obese renditions of some of art's most iconic paintings (like the Mona Lisa), my eyes have been opened. As an aficionado of art history, any kind of art intrigues me, but Fernando Botero almost immediately grabbed my attention.

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