A Sticky Situation: Into the Storm

7:00 AM

Buchheim, Into the Storm,  1941
A Sticky Situation: Peril in Painting

The storm is the least of your worries, while the North Atlantic has earned its reputation for storms that rival the biblical deluge of Noah, the Royal Navy still controls the surface. With His Royal Majesty's Navy guarding shipping on the surface, you must descend into the black waters to continue your fight. When a ship is spotted the Captain orders a dive to torpedo depth, at twenty meters depth the pressure on the hull is merely three times what it is on the surface. Hopefully the ship chasing you is not sonar equipped, but if it is the never ceasing sonar pings will have you on the brink of madness. *PING*... *PING* ... *PING* You must sit in silence, even the slightest sound could betray your position to the set of English ears listening to a hydrophone. When, when not if, you are found the enemy will start dropping depth charges in an attempt to blast you out of the water. These depth charges are simply bombs designed to detonate at a pre-selected depth, the water amplifies the blast resulting in misses still causing catastrophic damage. The only hope of escape lies in going deeper. The submarine plunges deeper and deeper, the pressure hull groaning against the water pressing in, already leaks have sprung from pipes soaking the crew inside. A dive can only happen for so long, at the quarter kilometer mark the worst can happen. 250 meters is the theoretical limit, calculated in a design bureau in Berlin and almost never actually tested. Should the worst happen, the water filled tanks used to control buoyancy will be unable to evacuate the water stored inside. With no way to evacuate the tanks, the submarine will continue it descent unstopped. Eventually the pressure hull will give way under 30 times the normal atmospheric pressure flooding the submarine. Perhaps the ship will hit bottom first, stranding the crew on the seabed, waiting to succumb to oxygen deprivation. That is all in your potential future, don't worry about it know. Just get through this storm.

By the way, good hunting.

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