Your body is a battleground

7:00 PM

Barbara Kruger, Your body is a battleground, 1989

In 1989, Barbara Kruger designed this print for the March for Women's Lives in Washington D.C. The march's purpose was for the women's reproductive rights protest. Kruger's bold statements with the sharp text, compliments the positive and negative sides of the image, symbolizing the inner struggle between right and wrong. Barbara Kruger's work throws controversial issues right into the viewer's face, forcing them to confront it at that moment. Her political statement frankly addresses the audience with the bold text, but also with the struggle for feminism in this period. Kruger links the bond between the woman's physicality with the modern day constrictions by laws placed upon it. This piece perfectly embodies her style of art, which is afraid of nothing, and will confront anyone who dares to look at it. Not only does feminism reoccur in many of her works, the idea of making the audience think for themselves makes her work worth looking at, and distinguishes her vastly from other artists.

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