Art History Hotties: Gabrielle d'Estrée and One of Her Sisters

7:00 AM

Unknown, Gabrielle d'Estrée and One of Her Sisters, 1594

The two girls-gone-wild in the painting are Gabrielle d'Estrée, on the right, and one of her sisters, Madame de Balagny. Gabrielle, or Gaby, was one of the Henry IV's favorite consorts. The painting itself was created to showcase her new pregnancy with his illegitimate son. 

Both women have flawless ivory skin, delicate facial features, brows on fleek, voluminous perms, and, of course, surprisingly perky breasts. Gaby's sister brings attention to her sister's pregnancy as she gently pinches her nipple, signifying fertility. Another symbol of her upcoming pregnancy resides in the background of the painting as an unnamed woman sews a fashionable layette for the baby boy. These shirtless hotties are also wearing the newest trends in jewelry. They've got gorgeous pearl drop earrings paired with a ring held between two perfectly manicured fingers. Gabrielle and her sister's jewelry ensemble complements their bare chests to present an aesthetic of modern simplicity and powerful sexuality as they stare directly at the viewer, daring you to say something.  All in all, these titillating girls are the total package. 

Here I am, gently giving Gaby a twist during my excursion at the Louvre.
During my vacation in Paris, I was lucky enough to visit the Louvre. I was astounded by all of the glorious paintings and glowing statues as I traveled through six of the nine wings of the museum. Finally, exhausted after walking up an extra two flights of stairs, we stumbled through a wing that was totally empty and still in renovation and came upon this painting. The image was innovative and powerful compared to all of the ladies we had seen covered up or with their backs turned in an effort to preserve their modesty. Gabrielle d'Estrée and One of Her Sisters was the pièce de résistance to culminate our trip.

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