Art History Hotties: Self-portrait With Two Pupils

7:00 AM

Adélaïde Labille-Guiard, Self-portrait With Two Pupils, 1785

In 1785, in order to prove that you are the next big deal, you have to have three things. One: be classy but sassy. Two: have back up girls to fix your makeup. Three: Big dresses that accentuate your gorgeous curves. It's not easy being a total hottie during this period, it takes a lifetime of effort and dedication to achieve this goal. Not to brag, but Botticelli tagged me on Women Crush Wednesday!

My powdered face, with loads of hot pink blush will bring out the innocence in me. These dresses, which cost a fortune, will show everyone my class and elegance. Of course I need assistants so that's why I hired these girls who are less attractive than I am; they will become quite useful to me when we go out to get our portraits done.

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