Art History Hotties: Man with a Glove

7:00 AM

Titian, Man with a Glove, 1520 

Username: @theladiesADORNOme 

Name: Girolamo Adorno

How do you gender identify? Male

24 years young


Have you been married previously? Only to my wealth.

Do you have kids? Creator of many, father of none.

Are you active? I would not consider myself athletically-abled, but I love leisurely walks on breezy April mornings. Additionally, I would argue that playing my lute exercises my fingers.

Hobbies? I am an avid lover of gardening. Typically I watch as my servants do the actual labor, but vicariously I still find it exhausting. Additionally, I enjoy sitting in front of my mirror and combing my mustache (I have been growing it for 10 years, and am always impressed with my progress). I also bought a telescope last month and have taken up astronomy. So far I have seen three stars.

Distinctive features? Killer jawline, piercing blue eyes, attached earlobes, banging bangs.
What do you look for in a woman? Pure, fluorescent-white skin; maternal instincts; proficient cook.

Additional comments:
I want someone to share my massive wealth with. As you can see by my velvet robe, I dress nicely and will ensure that my bride does, too. I never remove my pendant, but I would happily place it around her neck. My family started noticing my loneliness of recently. Even in my profile picture, it's evident I am in search of something, or someone, to fill the hole in my heart. I want to take her on walks, make my servant grow flowers in the garden for her, and shower her with love.

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