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Curated by Bryan Lundgren

The Crucifixion - Giotto
Giotto, The Crucifixion, 1300

The Crucifixion, Giotto, illustrates the pains of Jesus’s followers. Giotto develops the characters crying and weeping underneath the cross. Throughout two centuries thousands of martyrs sacrificed their lives for love, peace, and God’s will. Giotto reminds us of these holy people and their torment. 

In the 1980s, thousands of Guatemalan men died in the sake of Jesus. The Guatemalan regime went to homes threatening innocent believers.  For the beliefs of Jesus, peace, and love, these holy individuals were brutally murdered. Today, Guatemalan families suffer from deaths of husbands, fathers, and friends. The 1980s demonstrates a difficult time for many Latin American countries. 

In modern society, people still experience the pains of protecting morality. With radicalism in the Middle East to the slaughtering of 70,000 Syrians, people die for peace and righteousness.  And Giotto’s Crucifixion reflects the pains of believers.  

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