The Crucifixion

7:00 AM

Curated by Bryan Lundgren
Murillo, The Crucifixion, 1617–1682 

In The Crucifixion, Murillo displays Jesus looking upon the kind and humble. Murillo uses the crucifixion to display the Holy Eyes on the righteousness. Today’s society can learn from this image. 

With the twenty-first century media, Americans and the world recognize the terrible events humans preform.  Without a doubt, society needs to notice and take actions against these tragedies.  But often, people fail to notice the outstanding works of others.

For example, the media heavily cover the negative actions of Islam.  With the upturning violence in Cairo Egypt, news reports display radicals hating America.  But few people notice the majority of Muslims supporting democracy and freedom in the midst of violence.  

Positive actions do not always have to be life threatening. Truth and honesty has been covered-up by the media’s crime stories. Society sees smiles and kindness enlightening people’s day. But such a recognition has been abandoned.    

Reading The Crucifixion has significant value.  Society need to remember whom Jesus staring upon.  The idea of noticing the good and fixing the bad will develop a peaceful strength which Jesus longs for.

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