The Crucifixion

7:00 AM

Curated by Bryan Lundgren

Salvador Dali, The Crucifixion, 1951

In The Crucifixion, Salvador Dali illustrates Jesus’s death.  Jesus stares down hoping for peace and tolerance. The reader can understand Dali’s motives by the position of the cross, which focuses on the light of Heaven. 

Americans sometimes forget or take for granted our first amendment rights. People often show anger towards political and religious views. Others often reject people for mentioning different political ideology.  Society notices this with Benghazi terror attack or disagreements on US budget. Adults illustrate anger and fury if disagreeing on these issue, as they think “their way” is the best way. The ability to speak and tolerate other ideas makes The United States free. It does not matter if you are ten years old or a top political figure.  Americans have the right to express  themselves.  I do not mean to say that one should ridicule other ideas or religions; but we must remember to give people a chance to express themselves.

Jesus begs for tolerance and peace.  The more we understand each other and accept different views, the closer our soul reaches “The Light.”

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